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vents ofv^ 



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campus life in 



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8 Section Head 

'■.:' ';# C.. ; '.;;.' i;W Cu" (0 <p 


in brief 



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Total Estimated Deaths 



Tsunamis are defined by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources as destructive waves that "can be caused by coastal or submarine landslides or 
volcanism, but they are most commonly caused by large submarine earthquakes. Tsunamis are generated when these geologic events cause large, rapid movements in the sea 
floor that displace the water column above." Tsunami waves can move as rapidly as six-hundred miles an hour and can reach fifty-five feet in height. 

Because of the tsunami that recently devastated the shores of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South India, Thailand and other countries, many people have been left wondering 
whether or not a similar disaster could hit the shores of the United States. Truth is, this is very much a possibility. 

In 1946, a tsunami hit Hawaii killing 173 people. Again in 1964, a tsunami caused by an earthquake in Prince Williams sound in Alaska killed 1 1 people and caused 
millions of dollars in damages all along the west coast of the U.S. According to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, "recent geologic investigations indicate 
that large tsunamis have struck our coast many times in the last few thousand years." 

In a recent news article by Dateline NBC, Edie Magnus writes that, "Scientists do warn there are several active undersea areas, called subduction zones, off both coasts, that 
could trigger a tsunami. And before you dismiss that as doomsday talk in academic jargon, consider this. It has already happened. Alaska has been hit repeatedly, as has 

What about the east coast? Everyone knows that the west coast is constantly devastated by earthquakes, which are the primary cause of tsunamis. However, despite 
this, the east coast is not immune to the possibility of a tsunami. According to Edi Magnus' article, there is a volcano on the Canary Islands near Morocco, a huge chunk of which 
is on the verge of falling off and plummeting into the Atlantic. "This particular volcano has vertical layers of rock inside it filled with water, like vertical dams. When the eruption 
occurs, hot material will come up and heat this water. And it- almost like a popcorn seed, it's going to pop off the side. And when this happens, it'll make a big wave," says Dr. 
Steven Ward in Magnus' article. If this happens, waves would hit the U.S. east coast within nine hours and cause more devastation than the tsunami that recently hit Asia. 

Before east coasters become worried though, Magnus says, "keep in mind other scientists aren't so concerned. They point out the volcanic rock may just crumble 
gradually, not fall in one big plop. And they say an eruption strong enough to dislodge the rock may be tens of thousands of years away." 
"Do I think it's likely? No. If you want statistics, somewhere in the world such an event's happened about every 5,000 to 10,000 years," says Dr. Steven Ward. 

According to recent research, Americans on the east coast don't necessarily have to be worried about a tsunami, just aware of the possibility. It may not happen for 
thousands of years, if at all, but as further research is done, citizens of the U.S., both on the east and west coast, should keep themselves informed of any warning signs that may 
foretell that a tsunami could hit and how to keep themselves safe. 


the shortaays ow 

W£'fiv4 : &fi&&it 


Below: /The second installment of a vision had by UMass Lowell Professor 
and renowned' photogrdplner Arno Minkkinen will make its way to Lowell 
next week,.displaying the work of students from three countries. Spirit Level, 
which was first introduced to UML Photography students in 1996, was a 
•■ program initiated' by'Minkkinen and his colleague and friend Timo Laaksonen 
of the'Lahti Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland. As Minkkinen explained, "the 
term 'Spirit Level,'' refers to the level, which is the bubble inside a camera that 
brings harmony". Harmony was the common theme of the Spirit Level project 
at its inception, bringing nearly thirty-five students together to create artwork, 
•and more so/to gain a positive educational and cultural experience which 
will last' - a lifetime. 

Right: An informational meeting was 
held for students and community 
members about the issues surround- 
ing the administration's takeover of 
WUML In the WUML General Man- 
ager Nate Osit's opening speech, he 
commented that the "students have 
been silent for way too long" at the 
hands of the administration. Dan 
Toomey reminded the audience that 
although the situation is bad news for 
students, it is also an opportunity for 
students to stand up for their beliefs. 
It's "an exciting time," he said, add- 
ing, "we have an opportunity to fight 
for something bigger and better than 
us." He pointed out the advances 
they have made in the many ethnic 
communities that reside in Lowell, 
reminding the audience that "WUML 
does it because student leadership 
decided they would do that." 







days of may 

S£- k' -J 



say in 


'■".v ■■g^L'-'Sfc 

■^^^ Sf^B 

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L» as> ll^^K'v'' 

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£&pn-i&<^- t^frtt -&n& i £&& 

t£ pfp &&& &ntt, //^- n&£ £&& -&&&n / 3' -pn^ 

Ifrfrli^ &^& £&4fr£ l>frt4>fp£* Z£'S- £&& &^& "PfP Ijf^U^ 





Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 

', < A C X X 


Engineering Student Council , 

MnB'v"'- " 

y - ' - ^ ■'• *■ 

UMass Lowell's campus is home to more than one hundred 
student-run organizations representing diverse groups and a wide 
range of interests. The clubs and organizations strive to promote 
social, cultural, and educational activities on campus aimed at 
stimulating and engaging the student body. Through events such 
as Opening Week, Jennifer's Run, Fear No People Week, Family 
Day, X-Fest, and Spring Carnival, campus groups strive to improve 
all aspects of life at the University while having fun. 


It . HV /tff^H I ■ 


International Relations Club 

Nusic Educators' 
National Conference 




tfapfp& pfp -fap&ptl- IP&pfp^ 'frl*' 1&&M-& 

pip 4&&pn- &t*4Ppn<y-> t^ £&&tf -C-4WP 

&frtP&&PU& pf tPfPtt &&&&V-& p£ f 
£jp&4f €^tP 4P€^PP&W& p£, TS^&ilf 
ftptp^'fc &pp&u^ p£ p^- n&t i&&Pi*' 

tPf2^PP%Plt& &tp£ 4&&pf* 4t^£pfiutt& 

i^it^t u^pp^f tt-&£ewnppn& fiji&p?* 


• • • • 

• • 

-■>*' Mum 


Christian Fellowship 


Dr. Professor ^ ^gijfc' 

Men's & Women's Crew 




"1 <sg «, 


I I 

""' ""■: 

1 ^ 1 —. 


» t » 



I'llKH'OII-BlKCKUAl |.T. I\<\ 

S.M I U, Ollilnv . WWW.IiLTflCniUlrl ISA.COI 


•£> © 

O G 

O y 

^ Student^ 

Vietnamese Student Association 




*i- f 

' -* E3H» 

-'*• <•** » 




■tj** 1 '' 













Psychology Club 






-2 *i 

Association of Students of 


African Origin & 
Society of Black Engineers 

• • 



W 1 } 

■r ^I 

BT ^-J! . Wl 

J ^fp" ^^T' "^^TJH 


w y. 



-ftp £&& <^i&"$fr'd&? 




& immm 

American ln! > tit ute of " 
Chemical Engineers 

V \ \ 

lowell college b OWi 

College Bowl 









* J S 




l» ^ 



ii |! 1 
m V if 



taking charge 

^^e^^ptp/ I 



&n& wjfo -ze^e^ Jpp^/ifp&n- n^t^i 




&W&n- £&£ 4&& ^^frf*- #^ ^t^p^ffp^ Hwt'&& / tptP tf&ttl*- M^tH^, 





Final Record - W: 18, L: 10 

UML vs. Adelphi 61-54 

UML vs. Merrimack 80-68 

UML vs. Pace 87-74 

UML vs. St. Rose 66-58 

UML vs. Southern New Hampshire 82-73 

UML vs. Franklin Pierce 76-63 

UML vs. American International 70-65 

UML vs. Southern New Hampshire 64-54 

UML vs. Stonehill 77-72 

UML vs. New York Tech 69-65 

UML vs. C.W. Post 81-56 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut 79-59 

UML vs. St. Michael's 84-61 

UML vs. St. Anselm 87-85 

UML vs. LeMoyne 84-74 

UML vs. St. Rose 90-88 

UML vs. Pace 75-68 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut 76-53 

UML vs. St. Michael's 84-70 

UML vs. St. Anselm 82-79 

UML vs. LeMoyne 81-71 

UML vs. 5ry<zwf 57-52 

E/ML vs. Assumption 91-70 

UML vs. Stonehill 61-56 

UML vs. Merrimack 86-77 

UML vs. Bentley 72-70 

UML vs. Franklin Pierce 74-70 

UML vs. Merrimack 72-68 

*Note: Winning team is italicized 

■jfcklr ' 




Final Record - W: 16, L: 13 
The Scores 

UML vs. St. Thomas Aquinas 56-50 
UML vs. Pace 68-65 
UML vs. St. Rose 70-59 
UML vs. Southern New Hampshire 67-56 
UML vs. Franklin Pierce 62-5 1 
UML vs. American International 55-49 
UML vs. Millersville 55-52 
UML vs. West Chester 60-5 1 
UML vs. Southern New Hampshire 61-51 
UMLvs.C.W. Post 61-47 
UML vs. Cheyney 67-46 
UML vs. Southern Connecticut 61-58 
UML vs. St. Michael's 57-54 
UML vs. St. Anselm 66-52 
UML vs. LeMoyne 61-59 
UML vs. St. Rose 52-49 
UML vs. Pace 54-49 
UML vs. Southern Connecticut 49-45 
UML vs. St. Michael's 61-49 
UML vs. St. Anselm 62-58 
UML vs. LeMoyne 15-1 A 
UML vs. Bryant 89-83 
UML vs. Assumption 51-45 
UML vs. Stonehill 78-66 
UMI. vs. Merrimack 71-57 
UML vs. Bentley 71-56 
£/M. vs. franklin Pierce 54-47 
t/M vs. Assumption 61-58 
UML vs. Bentley 64-50 
*Note: Winning team is italicized 



Final Record - W: 15, L: 11 

UML vs. Assumption 3-0 

UML vs. C.W Post 3-1 

UML vs. Queens 3-1 


UML vs. American International 3-0 

UMLh. St. Michael's 3-0 

UMMvs. Southern New Hampshire 3-1 

UMl vs. New Haven 3-1 


UML vs. Merrimack 3-1 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut State 3-1 

&MLvs. Pace 3-1 

UML vs. University of Bridgeport 3-0 

UML vs. St. Anselm 3-0 

UML vs. Bryant 3-0 

UML vs. Bentley 3-0 

UML vs. University of Tampa 3-0 

UML vs. Queens 3-0 

UML vs. Stonehill 3-0 

UML vs. Dowling 3-0 

UM1 vs. Millersville 3-1 

UML.vs. Franklin Pierce 3-1 

UMl'vs. St. Rose 3-0 

UMDy\ LeMoyne 3-0 

UML v,s\ Merrimack 3-2 


*Note: Winning team is italicized 

' y : -■■■.■■ V'';;.,. 








r — Final ReTord^wlTo, LTl2 ,T: 4 ' 

%UML vs. Niagra 3-2 

TJML vs. Boston College 3-2 

IUML vs. UMass Amherst 3-2 

UML vs. Rensselaer 5-3 
\UML vs. Union 3-2 

UML vs. Colgate 3-2 
lUML vs. Maine 5-4 

UML vs. Boston University 7-2 
■UML vs. Boston University 5-3 

UML vs. New Hampshire 3-3 

UML vs. Bentley 8-0 
tUML vs. St. Lawrence 7-2 

C/ML vs. Clarkson 3-2 
\UML vs. Dartmouth 4-3 

UML vs. Northeastern 2-2 
\UML vs. Niagra 5-2 

UML vs. UMass Amherst 4-3 
IUML vs. Northeastern 2-1 
JJML vs. Merrimack 3-1 
*UML vs. Merrimack 5-2 

UML vs. Brown 0-0 

UML vs. UMass Amherst 6-1 
tUML vs. New Hampshire 7-0 

UML vs. New Hampshire 8-3 
|UML vs. Boston University 4-4 

UML vs. Providence 3-2 
|UML vs. Northeastern 3-2 

UML vs. Providence 2-0 
\UML vs. Boston College 3-1 
JJML vs. Boston College 4-1 
■UML vs. Maine 2-0 

UML vs. Maine 5-3 



UML vs. Merrimack 5-1 
IUML vs. Providence 3-2 

UML vs. Maine 7-2 
|UMLvs. Maine 5-1 

*Note: Winning team is italicized 



Final Record - W: 19, L: 3 

UML vs. Mansfield 8-2 

UMLvs. St. Michael's 4-3 

UML vs. Bentley2-1 

UML vs. St. Anselm 2-0 

f/MZ vs. Bryant 3-2 

UML vs. C.W. Post 4-0 

t/ML vs. Stonehill 2-1 

tZML vs. Franklin Pierce 4-1 

UML vs. Mercyhurst 7-1 

UML vs. American International 2-0 

UML vs. Assumption 6-1 

£7ML vs. Franklin Pierce 5-0 

UML vs. St. Michael's 3-0 

UML vs. Merrimack 7-0 

UML vs. Stonehill 4-0 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut 1-0 

UMLvs. St. Anselm 2-1 

UML vs. Bent ley 3-2 

£/ML vs. Bryant 4-0 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut 5-1 

UML vs. Bentley 4-3 

UMLvs. Bentley 3-0 

*Note: Winning team is italicized 



i jl i ^ 

■l;j : 










UML vs. Southampton 3-0 

UMLvs. Dowling 1-1 

UML vs. Bentley 2-0 

UML vs. Stonehill 4-0 

UML vs. LeMoyne 2-1 

UML vs. Southern New Hampshire 1-0 

UML vs. New Haven 5-0 

UML vs. St. Michael's 3-0 

UML vs. Franklin Pierce 2-0 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut State 2-1 

UML \s. Bryant 4-1 

UML vs. Assumption 2-1 

UML vs. American International 2-1 

UML vs. Merrimack 2-1 

UMLvs. St. Rose 4-1 

UML vs. St. Anselm 2-0 

UMLvs. Bryant 3-1 

UML vs. LeMoyne 1-0 

UML vs. Franklin Pierce 0-0 (Shootout) 

UML vs. Franklin Pierce 3-0 

*Note: Winning team is italicized 

* m 


LtII , m >m a 


& i ft a 


* _ 




Final Recordv W: 9, L: 10, T: 1 

UML vs. Texas A&M Commerce 4-1 
UML vs. Molloy 8-0 \ 
UML vs. Holy Family 2-l\ 
UML vs. New Haven 2-1 \ 
UML vs. Assumption 1-0 \ 
t/ML vs. Merrimack 2-0 \ 

UML vs. Bentley 2-1 | 

UML vs. Bryant 2-1 \\ 

t/Aa vs. LeMoyne 1-0 V\ 

UML vs. St. Michael's 2-2 \'\ 

UML vs. Stonehill4-2 || 

UML vs. Pace 1-0 

UML vs. Southern New Hampshire\5.-0 
UML vs. Southern Connecticut 1-0; I 
UML vs. Franklin Pierce 4-0 / / 

UML vs. St. Anselm 1-0 / / 

UML vs. Teikyo Post 4-1 / / 

UML vs. St. Rose 4-1 / / 

UML vs. American International 3-2 
UML vs. Franklin Pierce 2-0/ / 
*Note: Winning team is italicized 




St. Thomas Aquinas Spring-Invitational 


T 30 Tom Lamond /■' 
52 Jeremy Mittoi-K 
54 John Donovan 

T 56 Chris Chernicki 
59 Joe Mullaney 

MA Lowell 



170 +26 

MA Lowell 



190 +46 

MA Lowell 



196 +52 

MA Lowell 



202 +58 

MA Lowell 



221 +77 

Dowling College - Long Island Classic 

T 31 Jeremy Mitton 
T 31 To/fi Lamond 
53 JoHn Donovan 

57 Chris Chernicki 

58 Joe Mullaney 

MA Lowell 
MA Lowell 
MA Lowell 
MA Lowell 
MA Lowell 

89 88 

89 88 

98 97 

107 109 

113 109 

177 +31 
177 +31 
195 +49 
216 +70 
222 +76 

Bentley College Invitational 
Individual Results 
19. Tom Lamono, UMass-Lowell 
63. John Donovan, UMass-Lowell 
90. Adam Jernas, UMass-Lowell 
109.'Hathan Brackett, UMass-Lowell 
111. GK-fis Chernicki, UMass-Lowell 

Teikyo University Invitational 
Individual Results 




5 Jeremy Mitton 

MA Lowell 



T 6 Tom Lamond-.. 

MA Lowell 



13 Adam Jervis. \ 

MA Lowell 


+ 17 

14 Chris Chernicki'-, 

MA Lowell 



15 Nathan Brackett' 

■, MA Lowell 




%.*• ,;/ 



Final Record -W: 28, L: 20 

UML vs. Mansfield 4-2 

UML vs. Molloy 8-3 

UML vs. Caldwell 7-4 

UML vs. Caldwell 3-0 

UML vs. Tampa 16-2 

UML vs. Southwest Minnesota 7-3 

£/MLvs. NJIT12-0 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut 8-4 

UML vs. Minnesota-Duluth 14-11 

UML vs. Bentley 4- \ 

UML vs. Bentley 8-2 

UML vs. Bentley 3-2 

£/ML vs. Merrimack 5-1 

UML vs. Stonehill 4-2 

UML vs. Stonehill 5-2 

UML vs. American International 5-3 

UML vs. New Haven 3-2 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut 3-1 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut 8-5 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut 1-0 

UML vs. Southern New Hampshire 4-2 

UML vs. Merrimack 1 0-5 

UML vs. Southern New Hampshire 10-2 

UML vs. St. Rose 2-0 

UML vs. St. Rose 5-3 

UML vs. St. Rose 10-5 

UML vs. Assumption 16-5 

UML vs. Assumption 5-4 

UML vs. New Haven 12-10 

UML vs. Pace 7-1 

UML vs. Pace 6-0 

UML vs. St. Anselm 4-2 

UML vs. St. Anselm 6-3 

UML vs. American International 12-1 

UML vs. Franklin Pierce 4-3 

UML vs. 'Franklin Pierce 5-4 

£/ML vs. Franklin Pierce 8-1 

UML vs. American International 5-4 

UML vs. Bryant 5-4 

UML vs. Bryant 2-1 

UML vs. Bryant 4-0 

UML vs. Bryant 2-1 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut 1-0 

UML vs. Franklin Pierce 4-3 

UML vs. Stonehill 7-5 

UML vs. Franklin Pierce 8-2 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut 10-3 

UML vs. Franklin Pierce 16-11 

*Note: Winning team is italicized 



Final Record - W: 27, L: 11 

UML vs. Minnesota State - Mankato 3-1 

UML vs. Truman State 5-1 

UML vs. Truman State 4-0 

UML vs. Saint Xavier 5-3 

UML vs. Missouri Western State 6-1 

UML vs. Nebraska-Omaha 12-1 

UML vs. Tiffin 3-2 

UML vs. Assumption 2-0 

UML vs. Assumption 1-0 

UML vs. Merrimack 3-1 

UML vs. Merrimack 7-6 

UML vs. Bentley3-1 

UML vs. Bentley 6-0 

UML vs. St. Rose 7-0 

UML vs. St. Rose 5-0 

UML vs. St. Michael's 5-0 

C/ML vs. St. Michael's 3-0 

UML vs. LeMoyne 6-0 

UML vs. LeMoyne 8-0 

£7ML vs. Southern New Hampshire 5-0 

UML vs. Southern New Hampshire 6-0 

UML vs. Pace 10-4 

UML vs. Pace 5-3 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut State 5-0 

UML vs. Southern Connecticut State 2-1 

UML vs. Bryant %-\ 

UML vs. Bryant 4- 1 

UML vs. Stonehill College 3-2 

UML vs. Stonehill College 5-0 

UML vs. American International 5-3 

UML vs. American International 1 -0 

UML vs. St. Anselm 10-6 

UML vs. St. Anselm 2-1 

UML vs. Franklin Pierce 13-3 

UML vs. Frankline Pierce 8-6 

UML vs. Bryant 1 -0 

UML vs. Merrimack 2-1 

UML vs. LeMoyne 2-1 

*Note: Wii ningteam is italicized 





i i i i i i s r i 

_ I I I I I I I I 

I j i ; 1 I 1 j 1 

— I I 1 I I I I 1 




L) qCK 



^ - M 




&€4i&& / ti&ffp&n<£ 

i • 



w^&£i&frt4> &&&&-; if&w '& &fptt 





F a mil y 

Recycled Percussion 
entertained students '' 
and their families at 
this annual event. 

Rowdy the River 

Hawk poses 

for the crowd 


ot thp 











gavi n degraw 


ecember 9, 2004 
Cumnock Hall 
Openers: Brie Sullivan &Josh Craymore Band 

• ••••••••••••• 

tfon / ' w>^fpfpt^ £& f^n^u^t^fp^ 






"(^$H^Pfp ^e-^n-t^MP 

g£ "~^\1 

y,|i ', mft jfl jeT 

nil m > Q&Sk 

Am m J ^ w& 


|'' ; iS (InBB 

• ••••••••• 

• •••••• 


who 1 

who amongjtjjjdi 

~~7n American 
Colleges and Universities 

W' 1 

^r ^9*$r' 




wk 9 ^^m^^ 






Each year, students in more than 2,300 colleges across the country are given 
the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work in the community and their 
university through one of the oldest and most prestigious honors programs in the 
nation: Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. In 
1934, Pettus Randall conceived this biographical volume that recognizes the 
outstanding performance of college students. Randall believed that college 
students devoted to their schoolwork and to the local community deserve to 
be recognized for their commitment and devotion. Students of UMass Lowell 
are given this opportunity every year. These are students who enhance the 
positive image of youth in America through their contributions to the school 
and to the community in and around Lowell. Students eligible for applying for 
Who's Who must be of junior or senior status and have a Grade Point Average 
of a 2.5 or higher. Students are chosen by a committee of faculty and staff 
headed by Student Activities and Leadership Development Director Mary 
Connelly. The committee bases their decision on the students' personal and 
professional experiences in the classroom, and their efforts to become involved 
in the community throughout their time at UMass Lowell. Students who receive 
this award are given a lifetime use of the Who's Who reference service and 
will be able to receive letters of reference from the program for applications for 
employment. They also will receive a personalized certificate and will be locally 
and nationally publicized in this year's edition of Who's Who Among Students. 

Juniors recognized: Kate Dore, Sarah Hodgdon, Carrie Kidder, Matthew 
MacDonald, Heather Makrez, Rachel Mendez, Olivia Richard, and Soumya 

Seniors recognized: Pella Anderson, Soraya Belgacem, Charles Carey, 
Marielle Christofi, Jonathan Curran, Luis Escobar, Katie Ferguson, Laurie Ford, 
Pamela Hippensteele, Carly Hopkin, Alysia Morgan, Karan Parkash, Shannon 
Seidel, Emily Szargowicz, Katrina Thompson, and Hardik Valia. 

Recipients were honored in the Alumni Library on April 24 th , 2005. 




m '' ^^ 


Hr K 

^w jH 

,_ j _ w > H j 

^H ' ^1 

Lab^v— hiwtZZZTL ■ 

_ ___^r* j^lm 

Fi ^^» f JmmII 

1 n 


HJfffffLrpl | 

' v ;?*y'3 

■ 1 


PP* -°^B 




'W 1 


. ■■.. 

J * ■ >™ 

Hf | 


fa flR 

■\ ' w 

— »- iMBiWBlHi 



'.■.■'■. ■ i 

I 4 



Jt 4 


kx ' 

9 iK jk 

, — tt 

la « 

Up)!! 1 ..,-,,,,., ■"■ 


r . 1 


farm' ' 

k fc ^- 


P. ..» 

■ ■■ 'BE*-.- ' ■!■■«■.'•■■ 


EKS^fpf**^^^!^': Sj 


BEaS^^t?* 1 1 


^^M^, tY 


mm fsiK-r^&i . • 


-frti> •ffrfvg' 

mst$4l& & &v*n<&. fyfrtt> m^& 4p&n-& J& 


i / 








• ®®®®®®®®®®®®®®® 

• •••••• 

• • 


Hg» 1 m ' WtBEsm^mstasi 

Kfc-V- KSHBin 

Bs-., IWMlWiffwm 

Be, . m 

* '"■"■■ ! Sf8 

Kr" "M-- 

^KElHra?" ■ ' GBP*"^ 1 


T lH 


HV' ' ' BSef" 3* 

pP ^^BEs^5f*"3f - ■' - 




o'-, '■' "■■■•'■''' ■ 1 '$£$» s 9 


T&f- ■'■■''•'■ " tfSc&S*^ 

I $\" ! 


I m W i 1 

:k JJ 

'ju nE^^^HSS HES£&b"4£ 

/ ■ 

ys M »qUwP 

& H^HH^IHBB?- - 






!K-' ■ *yfftS!v- : 

CEf ' *- ** j?s , yi€&? ' - 

',1 J 

K;4 l^ftf 

K&T-'^''i*^'' , ' :: - *^ 

^^■E^*^^PJ>^-*<Si^;v , W^^''^* '$$ 

flfK I^*;i^V'"'j!M''''' i - 




$P>"5i$al5§fiJK''"V T 


^H^^sjf ii^vV^f^^^*- ■^^•^SsS''- 


c g o 


^pffp k 

• • 


_^_ ^^_ 









in Stan niiii iiiuiM iii 

i' .iiiiih riiiiiiiniit it " 

i« II i- .-U 



.._ „ msiicfi 



this is 

what we 

do each day 





• ••••• ••••••••< 


| |!l J '» 

t • / I \-#> i 







f ass 4r. . m 

1&& ■ i^n^^e^ti^ 

i^Oop^- -e^-^^niC^^ 


• ••••••••••••• 


1 1 1 

* .,:■ 

«• I' u« 




i > 

- : 


y s 

gg UM»]!i.i^l=H 



AbouliaHm, Youssef, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Abraham, Ashwin George, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Acevedo, Joselyn V, Spanish (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Acosta, Richard J, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Adams, Andrew P, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Adams, Molly A, History (BA) 
Adams, Seth E, Music Performance (BM) 
Adigwe, Gloria O, Nursing (BS) 
Agbavwe, Otarhe Sony, Business Administration (BBA) 
Agbottah, Emmanuel Tetteh, Business Administration (BBA) 
Aguasvivas, Evelyn, Business Administration (BBA) 

Economics (Minor) 
Airoldi, Ashley N, Business Administration (BBA) 
Alborough, Jason T, Music Performance (BM) 
Alexander, Melissa A, Psychology (BA) 
Alfeo, John A, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Allen, Sean Patrick, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Allison, Sean M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Altali, Diaa M, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Alvarenga, Regiane A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Alves, Michele A, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Ambrose, Taryn Elizabeth, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Amerman, Eric, Music Performance (BM) 
Amos, Scott Bradley, Economics (BA) 

English (BA) 
Andersen, Robert J, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Anderson, Jennifer E, Psychology (BA) 
Anderson, Kelly A, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Anderson, Matthew C, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Anderson, Pella Kristine, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Andrade, Edward T, Business Administration (BBA) 
Andreottola, Lauren M, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 

Andrew, Jason W, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Angelo, Lisa, American Studies (BA) 

English (Minor) 
Areyzaga, Karen K, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Arora, Pankaj, Computer Science (BS) 
Arsenault, Jason M, Music Performance (BM) 
Asad, Adeel, Business Administration (BBA) 
Ascencio, Betzabet, Nursing (BS) 
Asselin, Allison L, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Atenasio, David, Music Performance (BM) 
Avery, Edward A, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Aviles, Sara, Business (Minor) 

English (BA) 
Awuah, Augustine A, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Bagnalljr, Robert T, Business Administration (BBA) 
Baines-Rice, Breck M, Philosophy (BA) 
Balbuena, Myhozotys -, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (BA) 
Baldasaro, Erica Jeanne, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Baldi, Janine, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Baldonado, Dawn M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Banks, Danielle McHugo, Political Science (BA) 
Barabas, Aron, Computer Science (BS) 
Baranowski, Diana L, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Barrasso, Danielle Rose, Psychology (BA) 
Barren, Cory A, Biology (BS) 
Barrera, Carmita, Psychology (BA) 
Bartos, Eva, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Bates, Tara A, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Bates, Tiffany, Psychology (BA) 

Philosophy (BA) 
Beaucage, Sarah L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Beauchamp, Joel P, Business Administration (BBA) 


Beauchamp, John J, History (BA) 

Political Science (BA) 
Beaulieu, Beth, Psychology (BA) 
Beaulieu, Paula, Exercise Physiology (BS) 
Beausoleil, Jared M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Beauvais, Julie Ann, Nursing (BS) 
Belair, Jeffrey D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Bellavia, Lisa L, English (BA) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Benharris, Andrew M, Business (Minor) 

History (BA) 
Bergeron, Trisha A, Nursing (BS) 
Bernard, Joana S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Bernhardt, Susan J, English (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Bernstein, Joseph, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (BA) 
Bertolini, Joseph Ward, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Berube, Daniel S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Bettencourt, Jason, Philosophy (BA) 
Bettencourt, Megan E, Business Administration (BBA) 
Sevilacqua, James G, Business Administration (BBA) 
Bhat, Kishor, Mathematics (BS) 
Shaft, Hetalben D, Nursing (BS) 
Bibeault, Nicole, Business Administration (BBA) 
Sielawski, Jessica Z, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Slais, Jonathan D, Music Performance (BM) 
Slanchette, Kerry, Psychology (BA) 
Slaschke, Katie, Business Administration (BBA) 
Slatt, Robert H, Music Performance (BM) 
Sodden, Breneley C, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Sogdan, Alexandra E, History (BA) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Sognanno, Joseph A, History (BA) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Sohan, Michael R, Computer Science (BS) 

Mathematics (Minor) 
iolin, Nicole M, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Solognese, Christopher W, Psychology (BA) 
Somba, Erica J, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Bonfiglio, Daniel R, Business (Minor) 

Philosophy (BA) 
Sonilla, Nilsa, Business Administration (BBA) 
Sou, Julianna Akeya, Business Administration (BBA) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Soudreau, Adam, Business Administration (BBA) 

Boulanger, Edmond P, Business Administration (BBA) 

Boutilier, Tiffany, Sociology (BA) 

Boyd, David J, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 

Boyer, Kevin J, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Brancato, Pinella P, Business Administration (BBA) 

Brandano, Shannon L, Political Science (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Branje, Hanna M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Brasil, Rogerio H, Business Administration (BBA) 
Brassil, Rhonda, Nursing (BS) 
Bregoli, Nathan A, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Brothers, Michael, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Brown, Katherine A, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Broyles, James R, Business Administration (BBA) 
Bryson, Todd J, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Buchino, Christopher, Computer Science (BS) 
Bueno, Yulissa A, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Bui, Tiffany T, Business Administration (BBA) 
Bull, Nicholas W, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Burdge, Kristin L, Nursing (BS) 
Burkinshaw, Gregg Joseph, Philosophy (BA) 
Burlakoti, Pawana, Business (Minor) 

Economics (BA) 
Burndrett, Robert A, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Burt, Jonathan P, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Buzawa, Aaron David, Economics (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Cabrera, Juan F, Business Administration (BBA) 
Caggiano, Victor, Business Administration (BBA) 
Cahill, Colleen M, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Cain, John G, Business Administration (BBA) 
Caisse, Joseph Brent, Computer Science (BS) 
Calautti, Kristen J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Callahan, Michael C, Business Administration (BBA) 
Callahan, Richard F, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Callahan, Russell B, Business Administration (BBA) 
Calloway, Thomas A, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Camerlengo, Scott M, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Campbell, Colleen, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Campbell, Joshua J, Computer Science (BS) 
Caprignojr, Michael J, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Carbone, Dominic, History (BA) 
Cardone, Philip J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Carignan, Sarah B, Business Administration (BBA) 
Carkin, Christine E, Nursing (BS) 
Carney, Laura A, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 


Carroll, Josh A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Carson, Stephen D, History (BA) 
Casas, Elizabeth, Biology (BS) 

Spanish (Minor) 
Casey, David M, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Castner, Lauren L, Mathematics (BS) 
Castro, Edward Fidel, Business Administration (BBA) 
Cata, Jose M, Civil & Environ Engineer (BSE) 
Catalina, Odilis, Psychology (BA) 
Cazeau, Mitsie, Psychology (BA) 
Cena, Daniel, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Cepeda, Priscilla Jean, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Chadis, Andrea Michelle, Business Administration (BBA) 
Chan, Chung, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Chan, Jason C, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Chandler, Ashley G, Business Administration (BBA) 
Chandonnet, Kaitlin Ann, Psychology (BA) 
Chapman, Shaun Michael, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Charbonneau, Kathleen J, Gender Studies (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Chaudhry, Saadullah, Business Administration (BBA) 
Chaves, Steven M, Computer Engineering (BSE) 

Economics (Minor) 
Cheam, Lalune, Business Administration (BBA) 
Chean, Boran, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Cherkaoui, Mostafa, Mathematics (BS) 
Chery, Guerlyne, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Chesley, Everett A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Chhouy, Linda C, Business Administration (BBA) 
Chishti, Atif, Business Administration (BBA) 

Mathematics (Minor) 
Chojnacki, Darek, Business (Minor) 

Music Performance (BM) 
Christofi, Marielle T, Health Education (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Chum, Darun, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Cieslik, Jill M, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Clarke, Bridget M, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Clifford, Tara M, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Cobb, Charlene Mildred, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Cochrane, Danielle M, Psychology (BA) 
Cogswell, Jessica L, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Cogswell, Jonathan D, History (BA) 

Political Science (Minor) 
Cohen, Karin, Business Administration (BBA) 
Collinge, Daniel Vincent, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Colon, Oria V, Fine Arts (BFA) 

Colton, Jamie L, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Conant II, William Faulkner, Philosophy (BA) 
Conforti, Kent A, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Conley, Edward M, Civil & Environ Engineer (BSE) 
Connolly, Daniel P, Business Administration (BBA) 
Connolly, Laureen C, Legal Studies (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Connolly, Matthew D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Connor, Beth, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Conti, Stephen M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Contois, Andrew R, Computer Science (Minor) 

Music Performance (BM) 
Corbett, Erik, Business Administration (BBA) 
Corbin, Brian M, Computer Science (BS) 
Corcoran, Amy B, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Cormier, Keith R, Business Administration (BBA) 
Cosgrove, Coleen, Psychology (BA) 
Cote, Ashley Ann, Nursing (BS) 
Cote, Jillian, Criminal Justice (BS) 

History (Minor) 
Cote, Matthew R, Meterology (BS) 
Cote, Natasha A, Computer Science (BS) 
Cottman, Sarah E, Nursing (BS) 
Coudeville, Stephanie, Business Administration (BBA) 
Cox, Robert J, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Crocker, John, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Spanish (Minor) 
Culhane, Elizabeth M, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Cunningham, Jeremy L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Curry, RedversJ, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Curtis, Garrett, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Cusato, Gregory J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Dahlbeck, Joseph S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Daigle, Christopher, Business Administration (BBA) 
Dailey, Erin E, Business Administration (BBA) 
Daly, Devan F, Business Administration (BBA) 
Damaa, Feissal A, Computer Science (BS) 
Damas, Patrick, Business Administration (BBA) 
Dank, Mary E, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Danko, Mark W, Computer Science (BS) 
Dar, Maryam, Business Administration (BBA) 
Das, Saurov, Business Administration (BBA) 
Davidson, Christopher C, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Davis, Emily Irene, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Davis, Jerome L, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
De Fabritiis, Joseph Anthony, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
De La Cruz, Castidia, Sociology (BA) 


DeFelice, Serena Marie, Business Administration (BBA) 
DeFuria, Jason, Biology (BS) 
DeMattia, Alicia M, Psychology (BA) 
Debenedetto, Henry G, History (BA) 

Modern Languages (BA) 
Degu, Mohammed, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Delaney, Lindsay B, Sociology (BA) 
Demoulias, Peter M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Dennehy, Erin Ann, History (BA) 
Denommee, Michael J, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Deshler, Abbey, American Studies (BA) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Desmarais, April A, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Destasi, Gregory D, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Deveau, Erica L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Dewar, Andrea R, Political Science (BA) 
DiNitto, Christopher M, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
DiRienzo, Jessica M, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
DiRocco, Heather, Psychology (BA) 
Diaz, Jeffrey, Computer Science (BS) 
Dicecca, Donna M, Nursing (BS) 
Diep, Sambath, Business Administration (BBA) 
Diep, Xuan T, Computer Science (BS) 
Dillon, Julianne M, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Dineen, Timothy P, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 

Mathematics (Minor) 
Dixon, Kevin, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Dixon, Sara J, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Dkaidek, Abdallah, Computer Science (BS) 
Doherty, Matthew John, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Donaghey, Daniel T, History (BA) 
Donaher, Ryan J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Donovan, Jenna, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Dooley, Jennifer L, History (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 
Doty, Nicholas P, Chemistry (BS) 
Douangchith, Somkit, Business Administration (BBA) 
Drenas, Andrew J, Art History (Minor) 

History (BA) 
Driscoll, Jacklyn A, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Drozdetski, Eugene A, Computer Science (BS) 
DuPont, Nicole M, Psychology (Minor) 

Sociology (BA) 
Dubois, Michael D, English (BA) 

Dubois, Tracy D, Business Administration (BBA) 

Ducey, Nicole T, Psychology (BA) 

Ducharme, Kimberly A, Liberal Arts (BLA) 

Ducharme, Sheila M, Psychology (BA) 

Duffer, Ralph A, Fine Arts (BFA) 

Dufilie, Andrew S, Computer Science (BS) 

Dufresne, Lauren N, Business Administration (BBA) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Dulong, Stephen M, Psychology (BA) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Dupervil, Marie Renette, Biology (BS) 
Dupervil, Oscar, Business Administration (BBA) 
Dupont, Lisa M, English (BA) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Duran, Janin, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (BA) 
Durgavich, Rebecca L, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Durgerian, Michelle, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Dyleski, Michael S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Echavarria, Alina M, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Edwards, Raphael J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Ehsan, Sabeeh, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Eiranova, David A, Economics (BA) 

English (Minor) 
Elias, Donald P, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Ellis, Jamie M, Nursing (BS) 
Emma, Lara L, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Encarnacion, Giselle, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Eng, Chanly Allie, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Eng, Nelson, Business Administration (BBA) 
Enright, Kevin P, Meterology (BS) 
Escobar, Elizabeth, Business Administration (BBA) 
Espiritu, Katrina, English (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Even, Sara L, Music Performance (BM) 
Faherty, Keri, Business Administration (BBA) 
Fahey, Sarah E, English (BA) 
Fakhri, Shinnon C, English (BA) 
Falardeau, Phillip J, Civil & Environ Engineer (BSE) 
Farrell, Christopher G, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Farrell, Michelle L, Nursing (BS) 
Featherstone, Amy E, Business Administration (BBA) 

Economics (Minor) 
Feeney, Daniel James, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Ferguson, Katie Meghan, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Fernandez, Jose L, Computer Engineering (BSE) 
Ferreira, Kelly M, Nursing (BS) 


Figelski, Jessica Ann, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Finlay, James, Business Administration (BBA) 

Economics (Minor) 
Fiola, Stephen D, Music Performance (BM) 
Fischer, Sarah J, Chemistry (BS) 

History (Minor) 
Flahive, Jessica Rose, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Flenke, Daniel M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Fleury, Stacey Monique, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Flynn, Colleen Marie, Psychology (BA) 
Flynn, Julia M, Nursing (BS) 
Flynn, Matthew N, English (BA) 

Writing (Minor) 
Foelker, Krystina, Psychology (BA) 
Fogarty, Andrew, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Fombah, Manenah Eric, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Fontaine, Terri L, Psychology (BA) 
Fontana, Laurie A, Psychology (Minor) 

Sociology (BA) 
Fontes, Antonio, Music Performance (BM) 
Forcier, Sara C, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Forsythe, Gregg Douglas, Computer Science (BS) 

Electrical Engineering (BSE) 

Mathematics (Minor) 
Foster, Elizabeth Anne, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Fowler, Jeremy E, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Frassa, Benjamin R, Economics (BA) 
Frechette, Kara Lynn, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Gadd, English M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Gaffney, William, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Gagliardi, Katharine M, Psychology (BA) 
Gagnon, Russell F, Business Administration (BBA) 
Gagnon, Sabre Ann, Meterology (BS) 
Galda, Jonathan, Business Administration (BBA) 
Galipeau, John, History (BA) 
Gallo, Richard D, Mathematics (BS) 
Gangemi, Diana H, Nursing (BS) 
Garby, David Michael, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Garvin, John, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Gaska, Robert P, Business Administration (BBA) 
Gauthier, Valerie S, Nursing (BS) 
Geen, Christopher Phillip, Computer Science (BS) 

Mathematics (BS) 
Gendron, Veronica M, Business Administration (BBA) 

Genereux, Amanda, English (BA) 

Gillespie, Kimberly Margaret, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Girard, Jessica, Business Administration (BBA) 
Girvan, Michael J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Gleason, James S, Music Performance (BM) 
Glow, Jennifer M, Psychology (BA) 
Goguen, Janelle M, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Golub, Michael, Music Performance (BM) 
Gontarz, James J, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Gorski, Klaudia, Biology (BS) 
Goulakos, Steven A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Gould, Christopher M, Computer Science (BS) 
Goyal, Rohit, Business (Minor) 

Computer Science (BS) 
Graham, Christopher, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Graham, Eric C, Political Science (BA) 
Graham, Tiffany Grace, Business Administration (BBA) 
Grandoit, Christopher P, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Granoff, Wilhelmina R, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Granville, Andrea B, Psychology (BA) 
Grasso, Stefanie L, History (BA) 
Green, Caitlin Jane, Business Administration (BBA) 
Green, Jonathan, Computer Science (BS) 
Greenlay, Dana J, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Greenwood, Bonnie S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Griffis, Keith D, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 

Music Perf, Recording (Minor) 
Griffiths, Ashley, Psychology (BA) 
Griswould, Mathew, History (BA) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Gross, Corey L, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Gross, Matthew A, American Studies (BA) 
Gudek, David L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Guilbeault, Nicole L, Psychology (BA) 
Guillaume, Mariette, French (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Gustafson, Erik R, Meterology (BS) 
Guthy, Charles J, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Haas, James C, Computer Science (BS) 
Hachey, Pamela, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Hagan, Brandon J, Music Performance (BM) 
Hager, Seth A, Music Performance (BM) 
Haggett, Alicia F, Psychology (BA) 
Haileslassie, Senait Lidya, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Hakesley, Alex F, Criminal Justice (BS) 


Hakesley, Katie, Psychology (BA) 
Hakim, Faisal, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Halle, Raymond, Business Administration (BBA) 
Hamilton, Erik S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Hamlett, Jeffrey G, Business Administration (BBA) 
Hand, Ryan, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Hanley, Laura D, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Hantzis, Vasilios C, Business Administration (BBA) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Harding, Thomas P, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Harrington, Jeffrey Alan, Business Administration (BBA) 
Harris, Melissa M, Psychology (BA) 
Harvey, Matt, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Hatziyannis, Alexander D, Music Performance (BM) 
Haynes, Jessica L, Business Administration (BBA) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Heang, Sokleang, Business Administration (BBA) 
Hebert, Tabitha, Psychology (BA) 
Hedge, Jonathan, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Henderson, Mark R, Music Performance (BM) 
Hernandez, Abel, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Herr, Amanda Jean, Nursing (BS) 
Hickey, Brenden Sean, Business Administration (BBA) 
Hill, Simone, Computer Science (BS) 
Hilliard, Sean Loren, Physics (BS) 
Hippensteele, Pamela, Health Education (BS) 
Ho, Phuong, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Ho, Thuy H, Political Science (BA) 
Hoang, Thu A, Biology (BS) 
Hodgdon, Melissa, History (BA) 
Hoegen, Stacie Lynn, Exercise Physiology (BS) 
, Nutrition (Minor) 

Hoell, Andrew John, Meterology (BS) 
Hogan, Kevin H, Music Performance (BM) 
Hollander, Ivan B, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Hollingsworth, Emily R, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Holt, Tianna J, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Hooper, Terry A, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Hopkin, Carly R, Spanish (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Hopkins, Christina M, Psychology (Minor) 

Sociology (BA) 
Hopkins, Scott T, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Home, Marc Paul, Philosophy (BA) 

Studio Art (Minor) 
Houlne, Anne T, Business Administration (BBA) 

Howard, David Z, Business Administration (BBA) 
Howe, Ryan W, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Howes, Audra J, Economics (BA) 
Howes, Michelle L, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Hoyt, AbbyJulaine, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Hsu, Chih-Chun, Business Administration (BBA) 
Hua, Dan, Business Administration (BBA) 
Hubenoff, Danail, Economics (BA) 
Huertas, Jose M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Hughes, Maeghan A, Nursing (BS) 
Hughes, Sean K, Psychology (BA) 
Hunt, Ian, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Huon, Kitiana V, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Huoth, Laysim, Business Administration (BBA) 
Hurley II, James A, English (BA) 

Theater Arts (Minor) 
Hurley, Katelin Ann, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Hurley, Ryan Christopher, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Hussain, Sana Batool, Environmental Science (BS) 
Hussain, Tasadduq, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Huynh, Nguyen T, Business Administration (BBA) 
Huynh, Trinh D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Hyde, Elizabeth A, Nursing (BS) 
Hyde, Robert E, Music Performance (BM) 
lannacci, Lisa Marie, Psychology (BA) 
Ibell, Julia Lynn, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Imm, Sayannarith, Computer Engineering (BSE) 
Ingaharro, Joseph W, Political Science (BA) 
lovanna, Jason R, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
lozzo, Jennifer L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Ismail, Ayman Farouk, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Iyer, Vishalam K, Business Administration (BBA) 
Jackson, Erica K, Philosophy (BA) 
Jacobson, Rachel B, Nursing (BS) 
Jacquard, John E, English (BA) 
Jaime, Roberto F, Business Administration (BBA) 
James, Amanda C, Psychology (BA) 
James, Catherine, Psychology (BA) 
Jenkins, Kari L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Jennings, Michael, Philosophy (BA) 
Jillett, Kelly, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Jimenez, Clara Natila, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Jimenez, Monica, Biology (BS) 


John, Demis D, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Johnsen, Mara E, English (BA) 

Gender Studies (Minor) 
Johnson, Lisa M, History (BA) 
Johnson, Tiffini D, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Jokinen, Shawn R, Business Administration (BBA) 
Jones Jr, Dennis E, Industrial Technology (BIT) 
Jones, Candice A, English (BA) 
Jones, Christine M, Nursing (BS) 
Joseph, Alfred, History (BA) 
Joyce, Danielle Elizabeth, Nursing (BS) 
Joyce, James, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Jussaume, Stephen D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kabbara, Layla, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kadam, Sarfaraz N, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kafkas, Nicholas G, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kahrman, Jay E, Computer Science (BS) 
Kahsai, Aster, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kakavitsas, Bessie, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kampf, Jill M, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Kampf, Michelle Lynne, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Kane, Joseph W, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kang, Sivluon, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kannan, Cassandra J, American Studies (BA) 
Kapurch, Gloria M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Karam, Jean-Pierre R, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Kattan, David F, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Kawa, Kristen D, Nursing (BS) 
Kelber, Joseph A, Business Administration (BBA) 

Computer Science (Minor) 
Keleher, Megan Elizabeth, Psychology (BA) 
Kelleher, Colleen A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kelleher, Ellen B, English (Minor) 

Philosophy (BA) 
Kelley, Kristen E, Music Performance (BM) 
Kelley, Paul, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Kelly, Brandon J, Industrial Management (BIM) 
Kfoury, Kristen E, Business (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 
Khim, Chankorvith, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Khinn, Sopheary L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kiedaisch, Vincent P, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Kifle, Ayda, Biology (BS) 

Chemistry (Minor) 
Kim, Dongho, Mathematics (BS) 
King, Jenny, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kinney, Racriel L, Biology (BS) 

Kinsella, David E, Computer Science (BS) 

Kiongera, George M, Nursing (BS) 

Kirubi, Chalz G, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 

Klimas, Lisa Lillian, Biology (BS) 

Kolia, Mohammedfari S, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 

Kolva, Matthew S, History (BA) 

Kong, Solida, Business Administration (BBA) 

Kong, Thoeun, Computer Engineering (BSE) 

Konola, Sarah R, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Kontaxi, Sarah M, Psychology (BA) 
Kopley, Joseph, Art History (Minor) 

Fine Arts (BFA) 
Kortua, Dhvani A, Computer Science (BS) 

English Lit (Minor) 
Koslouski, Michael J, Computer Science (BS) 
Kotarakos, Katerina P, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kotsios, Stephen J, Psychology (BA) 
Koury, Al, Music Performance (BM) 
Kremer, Gwen N, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kryskow, Justin, Business Administration (BBA) 
Krzewick, William P, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Kumari, Kavita, Business Administration (BBA) 
Kurono, Kaori, Business Administration (BBA) 
LaBrecque, Melissa S, Fine Arts (BFA) 
LaBrecque, Michelle L, Fine Arts (BFA) 
LaRose, Liza A, Psychology (BA) 
Laddaga, James R, Business Administration (BBA) 
Laing, Bradford, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Lally, David G, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Lamarca, Amy J, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Lamour, Emmanuel, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Lampro, ErickJ, Business Administration (BBA) 
Lane, Stephanie A, Environmental Science (BS) 
Langan, Kristopher E, Business Administration (BBA) 
Langlais, Melissa M, Psychology (BA) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Lannon, Kenneth C, Business Administration (BBA) 
Lariviere, Benjamin, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Larson, Ashley M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Lau, Katie A, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Lauziere, Michael A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Lavoie, Danielle L, Spanish (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Lawlor, Corey T, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Le, Donna Doan, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Le, Kim Thien thuy, Biology (BS) 
Le, Son Q, Business Administration (BBA) 


LeBlanc, Colleen M, Business Administration (BBA) 
LeMay, David W, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Spanish (Minor) 
Leczynski, Andrea Beth, Business (Minor) 

Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Lee, Christopher S, Computer Science (Minor) 

Mathematics (BS) 
Lee, Dongmin, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Lee, Michael J, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Lee, Nicholas Carter, Business Administration (BBA) 
Lemelin, Danielle R, Business Administration (BBA) 
Lemieux, James, Chemistry (BS) 
Lerner, Scott M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Lewis, Daniel, Business Administration (BBA) 
Li, Qina, Biology (BS) 
Li, Xue Fen, Business Administration (BBA) 
LiPetri, Jessica Lyn, Biology (BS) 
Lima, Diamantina L, Psychology (BA) 
Lin, Tzuhsuanlin, Business Administration (BBA) 
Linnane, Daniel Robert, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Liotta, Brent D, Music Performance (BM) 
Lipman, Jodi Sue, Health Education (BS) 
Lipschitz, Andrew T, Mathematics (BS) 
Little, Aaron D, Computer Science (BS) 
Liu, Qing, Computer Engineering (BSE) 
Livingston, Shaun William, History (BA) 
Loder, Tinamarie, Nursing (BS) 
Loiselle, Kimberly A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Lombard, Michael A, History (BA) 
Lopes, Thomas, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Spanish (Minor) 
Lopez, Elmer A, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Lore, Jill M, Environmental Science (BS) 
Lorn, Leap, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Louis, Khoi Q, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Lubega, Hanati T, Nursing (BS) 
Lubofsky, Andrew Mark, Business Administration (BBA) 

Business Administration (BBA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Lukason, Stacy E, Psychology (BA) 
Luna, Andrea D, Business Administration (BBA) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Luong, Phuc H, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Luther, Tracy Anne, English (BA) 

Psychology (Minor) 

Lynch, Mary F, Business Administration (BBA) 
Lynn, Cortney B, Psychology (BA) 
Lynn, Steve, Modern Languages (BA) 
MacDonald, David A, Business Administration (BBA) 
MacDonald, Patrick M, Environmental Science (BS) 
MacPherson, Heather J, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Machado, Fabricio A, Computer Science (BS) 
Mackie, Jordan M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mackland-Rivera, Craig, Business Administration (BBA) 
Macone, Sarah Anne, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Madmai, SirinartJ, Business Administration (BBA) 
Madsen, Emily, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Magloire, Aristoboul V, Mathematics (BS) 
Magnant, Stefanie A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Magrini, Adam, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Maille, Michael Richard, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mainini, Robin L, Psychology (BA) 
Maldera, Jason A, Meterology (BS) 
Maldonado, Josephine Maria, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Malkhasyan, Narine Razmik, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Malley, Amy Ucile, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mallon, Brendan J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Malone, Matthew L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Manchester, Scott W, Biology (BS) 
Mangini Jr, Edward A, Music Performance (BM) 
Manning, Kelly, Sociology (BA) 
Mansfield, Laura M, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Manville, Michelle L, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Mao, Ya, Computer Science (BS) 
Mao, Yung, Business Administration (BBA) 
Marcaurelle, Stacy J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Marchenko, Konstantin V, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Mariano, Stephanie Lee, Psychology (BA) 
Marquis, Stephen M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Marston, Shaun T, Business Administration (BBA) 
Martin, Gary E, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Martin, Kristen M, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Martin, Shannon K, English (BA) 
Martinez, Evelyn, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Masand, Garima, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mason, Gregory J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mathai, Mathew B, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mathai, Mrinalini A, Business Administration (BBA) 


Motley, Justin C, Music Performance (BM) 
Matsikire, Tariro N, Nursing (BS) 
Maver, Hillary Rose, Nursing (BS) 
Maye, Marion L, Nursing (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
McAdam, Eric, History (BA) 

McArthur, Alison M, Business Administration (BBA) 
McCann, Victoria M, Nursing (BS) 
McCarthy, Catherine A, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
McCarthy, Emily, English (Minor) 

Philosophy (BA) 
McCarthy, Jay A, Computer Science (BS) 

Economics (Minor) 

Mathematics (BS) 
McCarthy, Jonathan G, Business Administration (BBA) 
McCauley, Lisa C, History (BA) 
McDermott, Kelly Ann, Psychology (BA) 

Sociology (Minor) 
McDonald, Matthew M, Computer Science (BS) 
McDonnell, Brendan K, Business Administration (BBA) 
McGee, Christopher S, Business Administration (BBA) 
McGinn, Michael T, Business Administration (BBA) 
McGrath, John, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mcintosh, Megan, Philosophy (BA) 
McKechnie, Sharon M, Environmental Science (BS) 
McKenna, Sean Patrick, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
McLaughlin, Colleen E, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
McLeod, David Matthew, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
McMahon, Rebecca B, Psychology (BA) 

Studio Art (Minor) 
McMahon, Robert J, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
McMullen, Dana P, History (BA) 
McNeeley, Gina A, Psychology (Minor) 

Sociology (BA) 
McQuaid, Michael D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mcgagh, Michael M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mclachlan, Philippa C, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Medeiros, Heather E, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Meehan-Gilet, Maureen, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Mehari, Eden T, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mejia, Julie A, Psychology (BA) 
Melkonian, John J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Mendes, Juan A, Computer Science (BS) 
Mercadante, Rebecca R, Nursing (BS) 
Mercer, Kenneth E, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Merluzzo, Michael C, Business Administration (BBA) 

Metzemaekers, Karl P, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 

Michaud, Daniel J, Business Administration (BBA) 

Michaud, Joshua D, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 

Micozzi, Andrew A, Liberal Arts (BLA) 

Mihov, George, Civil & Environ Engineer (BSE) 

Mikols, Joseph J, History (BA) 

Milfort, Lucien L, Industrial Technology (BIT) 

Miller, Caroline M, Psychology (BA) 

Miller, Terri M, Psychology (BA) 

Minkkinen, Daniel H, Fine Arts (BFA) 

Mitchell, Trevor R, Business Administration (BBA) 

Moan, Daniel R, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 

Moccia, Rochelle L, Business Administration (BBA) 

Moffette, Meghan E, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Mohamed, Liban J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Moller, Jeffrey B, Music Performance (BM) 
Montagna, Michael P, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Montville, Justin, Business Administration (BBA) 
Morales, Roderick A, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Morano, Joseph N, Business (Minor) 

Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Moraros, Eric, Business Administration (BBA) 
Moreau, Robert J, Peace Studies (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 
Morey, Jamie L, Business (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 
Morgan, Alysia S, Nursing (BS) 
Morgan, Kareem A, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Morin, Joseph P, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Morris, Jamie M, Business (Minor) 

Economics (BA) 
Morris, Jeffrey D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Morrison, Christine D, Psychology (BA) 
Morrison, Mervin T, Nursing (BS) 
Morrison, Scott Warren, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Morrison, Sean A, Meterology (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Morrison, Shauna L, Nursing (BS) 
Morse, Christopher P, Psychology (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 
Moynihan, Kevin M, Political Science (BA) 
Muchai, Abigael W, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Mueller, Candice, Business Administration (BBA) 
Muldoon, Dina A, Psychology (BA) 


Muldoon, William C, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Mullen, Joseph P, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Munroe, Kristofer C, Business Administration (BBA) 
Munsey, Kristin Lynn, Mathematics (BS) 
Murphy IV, Bernard F, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Murphy, Matthew, Computer Science (BS) 
Murray, Beth Anne, Music Performance (BM) 
Murray, Robin L, Nursing (BS) 
Murray, Tara Mae M, Art History (Minor) 

History (BA) 
Murtagh, Erin, History (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 
Mutizwa, Roselyn, Nursing (BS) 
Nadeau, Adam Paul, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Nadeau, Mark R, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Nagy, Jozef, Computer Science (BS) 
Napier, Jesseka Lynn, English (BA) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Narasimhadevara, Nikhil S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Neak, Paul, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nedbalek, Pamela R, Italian Studies (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 
Neild, Roger B, American Studies (BA) 
Nelson, Corri L, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Nelson, Matthew J, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Nemirovsky, Evgeny Michael, Civil & Environ Engineer 

Newbegin, Cyrus J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nguon, Virak, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Nguyen, Andy H, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Nguyen, Andy T, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Nguyen, Harry, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nguyen, Huyen, Biology (BS) 
Nguyen, Jaclyn T, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nguyen, Ken Xuan, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nguyen, Myle T, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nguyen, Quinn Mai, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nguyen, Sang T, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nguyen, Thao T, Computer Science (BS) 
Nichols, Catherine E, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nicodemus, Kyle, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Nieves, Kathleen M, Nursing (BS) 
Njoroge, George M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nolan, David, Business Administration (BBA) 

Psychology (Minor) 

Norcross, Heather Louise, Psychology (BA) 
Notini, Alison, Business Administration (BBA) 
Noy, Saroeun, Computer Science (BS) 
Nugent, Mike P, Business Administration (BBA) 
Nuth, Lyna, Business Administration (BBA) 
O'Brien, Derek C, Fine Arts (BFA) 
O'Brien, Kathy, Nursing (BS) 
O'Connell, Kevin P, Business Administration (BBA) 
O'Connor Jr, Roger T, Chemistry (BS) 
O'Leary, Nicole, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
O'Mara, Maureen, Fine Arts (BFA) 
O'Melia, Sean Ryan, Computer Engineering (BSE) 
O'Neil, Elizabeth, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
O'Neil, Evan M, Business (Minor) 

Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
O'Neil, Laurie A, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 
O'Sullivan, Ryan D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Odian, Elizabeth A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Odongo, June D, Computer Science (BS) 
Ogden, Lindsay B, Nursing (BS) 
Okoth, Amy, Gender Studies (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 
Olbrys, William F, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Oldakowski, Steven M, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Olmsted, Paul E, Nursing (BS) 
Olsen, Kirby A, Nursing (BS) 
Ordoyne, DarrelJ, Business Administration (BBA) 
Orjiako, Ola-Edo Y, Psychology (BA) 
Ortega, Alexander, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Ouellet, Dereckjoey, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Ouellette, Michael Stephen, Computer Science (BS) 
Overton, John A, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Owen, Daniel A, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Page, Adam P, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Paige, Jason P, Civil & Environ Engineer (BSE) 
Paine, Kara, Psychology (BA) 
Palazzola, Christie A, Nursing (BS) 
Palazzolo, Stephen W, Business Administration (BBA) 
Paldino II, Paul, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Palmer, Corey Lee, Nursing (BS) 

Palwala, Moatassim Maraj, Business Administration (BBA) 
Pana, William, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Panagopoulus, Denise, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Pangalos, Andrew, Business Administration (BBA) 


Pantazopoulos, George J, Computer Science (BS) 

Mathematics (Minor) 
Paolino, Nicole L, Nursing (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Papadopoulos, Stephanie, Business Administration (BBA) 
Paradis, Michael C, Music Performance (BM) 
Paras, Danielle N, English (BA) 

Gender Studies (Minor) 
Parent, David J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Parisi, Michael, Business Administration (BBA) 
Park, Seung Hoon, Business Administration (BBA) 
Parmar, Arunabahen G, Business Administration (BBA) 
Parnell-Lampen, Caleb L, Physics (BS) 
Patel, Ami T, Business (Minor) 

Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Patel, Jaimina, Business Administration (BBA) 
Patel, Jinal V, Business Administration (BBA) 
Patel, Nital H, Business Administration (BBA) 
Patel, Shivangi P, Biology (BS) 
Patel, Shreya A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Patel, ShwetaJ, Business Administration (BBA) 
Patel, Tejal R, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Patel, Trusha A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Patterson, Elise Marie, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Paul, Andrea Marie, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Payan, Veronica, Computer Science (BS) 
Payelian, Lauren, Business Administration (BBA) 
Payne, William H, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Pecora, Andrea S, English (BA) 
Pelletier, Nicole L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Pena, Judy, Psychology (BA) 
Penney, Matthew W, Computer Science (BS) 
Pereyra, Pedro Jose, Economics (BA) 

Mathematics (BS) 
Perez, Lewis R, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Perrin, Jaclyn M, Health Education (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Peverill, Crystal L, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Phair, David F, Business Administration (BBA) 
Pham, Kristy, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Pham, Tan H, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Pham, Thao Thithu, Sociology (BA) 
Phan, Doanh P, Business Administration (BBA) 
Phat, Sothea, Psychology (BA) 

Piatti, Tamara J, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Pierre, Jean Denis, Biology (BS) 
Pineault, Amelia S, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Pischetola, Candace, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Piscitello, Nicholas S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Pitts, Kenneth P, Psychology (BA) 

Biology (BS) 
Plante, Lindsey N, Psychology (BA) 
Ploude, Sarah, Psychology (BA) 
Pochette, Nadeige, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Poff, Bradley C, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Poitier, Lawrence Leon, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Polley, Irene L, Nursing (BS) 
Poon, Nelson C, Business Administration (BBA) 
PorellJohnJ, History (BA) 
Porro, Jason, Business (Minor) 

Economics (BA) 
Posner, Susan E, Business Administration (BBA) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Power, Brandin M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Powers, Thomas J, Computer Science (BS) 
Pray, Kaitlyn S, Nursing (BS) 
Price, Dennis, Business Administration (BBA) 
Price, Lindsey Ann, Nursing (BS) 
Prifti, Sarah L, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Proeung, Rorn, Business Administration (BBA) 
Provencher, Jill Marie, Psychology (BA) 
Pu, Xiaofei, Business Administration (BBA) 
Puga, Andy S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Pulaski, Danielle M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Pulido, Susan T, Health Education (BS) 
Puzniak, Kcicee, American Studies (Minor) 

English (BA) 
Quach, Amy, Health Education (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Quashie, Dela F, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Quiles-Vigorito, Jeanette, Political Science (Minor) 

Sociology (BA) 
Quinn, Briona M, Nutrition (Minor) 

Nursing (BS) 
Quinn, Daniel W, Philosophy (BA) 
Quinn, Sean W, Computer Science (BS) 
Racki, Michael J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Ralls, Sarah Elizabeth, Philosophy (BA) 
Ramos, Jasmin, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Ramos, Tracy Ann, Nursing (BS) 


Ramsden, Jennifer, Fine Arts (BFA) 

Raskowjr, Thomas R, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 

Raudales, Raul A, Biology (BS) 

Raymo, Matthew N, Business Administration (BBA) 

Raymond, Matthew, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 

Reade, Daniel J, Fine Arts (BFA) 

Reger, Rebekah L, Psychology (BA) 

Studio Art (Minor) 
Reible, Lori Ann, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Reidy, Michael A, Music Performance (BM) 
Reinecker, Jonathan E, Psychology (BA) 
Renaud, Nicole H, Biology (BS) 

Reynolds, Christopher D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Rheaume, Jennifer, Psychology (BA) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Rhodes, Dyann T, English (BA) 

Theater Arts (Minor) 
Ricci, Michael T, Computer Science (BS) 
Riccio, David J, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Richards, Michelle M, Business (Minor) 

English (BA) 
Riddle, Michael J, Computer Science (BS) 
Riley, Kevin Thomas, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Rivera, Tomas M, Computer Science (BS) 

Mathematics (BS) 
Rizk, Susan, Biology (BS) 
Roberts, Adam J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Rockvam, Lauren N, English (BA) 

History (BA) 

Writing (Minor) 
Rodriguez, Nelson A, Political Science (BA) 

Spanish (BA) 
Rodriguez, Yirainis R, Business Administration (BBA) 
Roeun, Sarin, Business Administration (BBA) 
Rogers, Christopher P, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Rogers, David A, Computer Science (BS) 
Rogozenski, Dana A, Philosophy (BA) 
Rollins, Laura J, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Roman, Courtney L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Romano, Caitlin J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Rooney, Shayla B, Health Education (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Ros, Chhoudeth, Business Administration (BBA) 
Roscoe, Nicholas, Political Science (BA) 
Rosengard, Courtney J, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 

Rousseau, Julie A, Music Performance (BM) 
Rousseau, Kelly A, Clinical Lab Sciences (Minor) 

Exercise Physiology (BS) 
Roy, Jacqueline D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Rubenstein, Alissa F, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Ruisi, Diana P, Nursing (BS) 
Rumore, Jamie L, Nursing (BS) 
Rush, Ryan, Sociology (BA) 
Russakow, Sean, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Ryan, Christopher P, Business Administration (BBA) 
Ryle, Maura J, Sociology (BA) 
Saade, Manale S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Sacino, Timothy M, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Sampat, Kunal, Computer Science (BS) 

Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Sampson, Robert Edward, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Sanchez, Karbin E, Computer Engineering (BSE) 
Sancinito, Gerald A, Health Education (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Sandoval-Lima, Evelyn R, Nursing (BS) 
Santarpio, Melissa M, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Santo, Michael A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Santos, Desiree L, Psychology (BA) 
Santos, Juliane C, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Savarese, Jeremy Lawrence, History (BA) 

Political Science (BA) 
Schellbach, Lindsey -, Psychology (BA) 
Schenk, Nicholas E, Business Administration (BBA) 
Schmidt, William J, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Schofield III, William J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Schuler, Ryan F, Business Administration (BBA) 

Economics (Minor) 
Schumann, Anke, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Sciarretta, Michael B, Business Administration (BBA) 
Scola, Tara Ann, English (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Scott, Dana, Music Performance (BM) 
Scott, Djwan M, Nursing (BS) 
Sedleski, Paul R, Philosophy (BA) 
Seed, Doug, Business Administration (BBA) 
Seidel, Shannon B, Biology (BS) 
Selfridge, Heather L, Biology (BS) 
Selfridge, Scott D, Chemistry (BS) 
Senesie, Asmaru, Psychology (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 


Sennott, Shelley Anne, Nursing (BS) 
Shah, Bindiya, Business Administration (BBA) 
Shaker, Nejat, Business Administration (BBA) 
Shamp, Christopher, Business (Minor) 

Mathematics (BS) 
Shaw, Michael R, Health Education (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Shean, Jeremy P, Computer Engineering (BSE) 
Shepardson, Erin Marie, Exercise Physiology (BS) 
Sherbak, Anna, Nursing (BS) 
Sherman, Kathleen A, Gender Studies (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Shubin, Mark, Business Administration (BBA) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Shurtleff, Paul S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Silen, David J, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Silva, Joia C, Psychology (BA) 
Silva, Kara A, Philosophy (BA) 
Silvia, Jessica L, Psychology (BA) 
Siman-Tov, Matan S, Business Administration (BBA) 
Simari, Christopher, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Simone, Jessica L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Siotas, Alice, History (BA) 
Sledzik, Jessica Lynn, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Slowe, Kyle A, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Smalley, Vanessa P, Health Education (BS) 
Smart, Stephanie Kathleen, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Smith, Christopher L, Psychology (BA) 
Smith, Kelly L, Nursing (BS) 
Smith, Leah M, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Smolinski, Lori Marie, Music Performance (BM) 
Snay, Steven Paul, Physics (BS) 
Soares, Rodney A, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Soem, Saroem, Business Administration (BBA) 
Sok, Chansoria, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Sok, Linda, Nursing (BS) 
Solovey, llya, Business Administration (BBA) 

Computer Science (Minor) 
Song, Sung Hoon, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Sopheap, Chanthan Y, Business Administration (BBA) 
Sousa, James A, Computer Science (BS) 

Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Southard, Kerry B, Art History (Minor) 

Fine Arts (BFA) 
Sowsy, David, Computer Science (BS) 
Spinelli, Jennifer L, English (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 

Spitalere, Dave A, Liberal Arts (BLA) 

St. Hilaire, Gary C, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 

St. Vil, Clelie, Nursing (BS) 

Stanford, Jamie L, History (Minor) 

Psychology (BA) 
Starbird, Dawn C, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Stearns, Michael J, Business Administration (BBA) 
Stevens, Benjamin L, Computer Science (BS) 
Stirling, Carolyn R, Biology (BS) 
Stoehr, Brian D, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Struttmann, Timothy E, Business Administration (BBA) 
Styles, Brendan S, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Suchy, James J, Biology (BS) 
Sullivan, Brianna Marie, Physics (BS) 
Sund, Erik D, Philosophy (BA) 
Suttie, Mary, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Svenson, Thomas P, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Swift, Adam W, Business (Minor) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Sylvester, Nicholas, Business Administration (BBA) 
Szafran, Heather Marie, English (BA) 

Studio Art (Minor) 
Szargowicz, Emily B, Political Science (BA) 
Szettella, Kristin Marie, English (BA) 
Taber, Abram Richard, Music Performance (BM) 
Tabibian, Ani, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Tabrizi, Amir T, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Tan, Colin, Business Administration (BBA) 
Tan, Kok-Eng, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Taranti, Michael V, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Tavawala, Ratan, Business Administration (BBA) 
Tavilla, Peter John, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Taylor, Eric S, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Taylor, Rebecca L, Nursing (BS) 
Tchapda, Rene N, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Tenney, Thomas Jacob, History (BA) 

Political Science (BA) 
Testa, Michael A, Music Performance (BM) 
Therrien, Michael J, Computer Science (BS) 
Thibault, Michael, Business Administration (BBA) 
Thiga, Moses K, Nursing (BS) 
Thomas, Erik W, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Thompson, David, Music Performance (BM) 
Thompson, Katrina L, Political Science (BA) 
Thoren, Matthew D, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Timpson, Elizabeth Diana, Civil & Environ Engineer (BSE) 
Tobin, Amelia, Psychology (BA) 
Tobin, Erin M, Business Administration (BBA) 


Tong, Tarn V, Business Administration (BBA) 
Tordesillas, Ingrid X, Business Administration (BBA) 
Torres, Vilma P, Business Administration (BBA) 
Toth, Sonja M, Exercise Physiology (BS) 
Tov, Namith, Business Administration (BBA) 
Tran, Caroll X, Business Administration (BBA) 
Tran, Tram K, Business Administration (BBA) 
Trefry, Jeremy George, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Tregger, Lindsay Marie, Art History (Minor) 

History (BA) 
Trikha, Sameer Mohan, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Tringale, Mikael D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Trombly, Brittellen Angell, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Tropp, Evan M, Music Performance (BM) 
Truong, Tuyen D, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Tsoi, Siu Ling, Business Administration (BBA) 
Tucker, Jibao A, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Tugbiyele, Bobby G, Political Science (BA) 
Turcogeorge, April Nicole, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 
Twyon, Maria Christine, Business Administration (BBA) 

Economics (Minor) 
Unghire, Joshua M, Environmental Science (BS) 
Usher, Sandra Lee, Nursing (BS) 
Valadao, Elizabete, Mathematics (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 
Valia, Hardik Bharat, Business (Minor) 

Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Vallee, Jason M, Computer Science (BS) 
Valley, Aaron D, Psychology (BA) 
Van Ness, David John, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Van, Kha, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Var, Chhoudem, Business Administration (BBA) 
Vargas, Abelito, Business Administration (BBA) 
Vargas, Eduardo M, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Vazquez, Melissa F, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Veator, Eric, Business Administration (BBA) 
Velazquez, Maritza, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Veltrijohn P, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Vieira, Michelle S, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Vik, Ben M, Computer Science (BS) 
Villarreal, Brandon, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Sociology (Minor) 

Vincent, Jonathan D, Economics (BA) 
Vitale, Elizabeth, Music Performance (BM) 
Vo, Trung T, Business Administration (BBA) 
Volz, Daniel D, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Vu, Thuy Thi, Business Administration (BBA) 
Vucetic, Natasa, Business Administration (BBA) 
Wade, Douglas R, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Wadland, Jason M, Business Administration (BBA) 
Wakim, Abraham K, Business Administration (BBA) 
Walfield, Neal H, Computer Science (BS) 

English (BA) 

Mathematics (Minor) 
Wallace, Amber E, Business Administration (BBA) 
Wallace, Michael R, Business Administration (BBA) 
Waller, Lindsay, Nursing (BS) 
Walsh, Kirk Patrick, Plastics Engineering (BSE) 
Ward, Steven D, Computer Science (BS) 

Mathematics (BS) 
Ward, Timothy, Psychology (BA) 
Warford, Carolyn R, Business Administration (BBA) 
Warren, Kimberly K, Business Administration (BBA) 
Washkevich, Jennifer Lee, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
Waszak, Kristine R, Business Administration (BBA) 
Watson, Michelle Elizabeth, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Political Science (Minor) 
Weddig, William E, Civil & Environ Engineer (BSE) 
Weekes, Jaunel R, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Weis, Leane S, Political Science (BA) 
Welch, Jonathan B, Political Science (BA) 
Welch, Robert, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Legal Studies (Minor) 
Wentworth, Dawn, Criminal Justice (BS) 
Wheatley, Sharen E, Business Administration (BBA) 
White, Colleen A, Sociology (BA) 
White, Meaghan Kathleen, Exercise Physiology (BS) 

Nutrition (Minor) 
White, William P, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Whitney, Kerri J, Liberal Arts (BLA) 
Whyte, James J, Business Administration (BBA) 

Economics (Minor) 
Wigmore, Timothy J, Legal Studies (Minor) 

Political Science (BA) 
Wilk, Kendrick E, English (BA) 

Studio Art (Minor) 
Williams, Benjamin Patrick, Political Science (BA) 
Williams, Sara E, Psychology (BA) 
Williamson, Brian E, Business Administration (BBA) 


Wilson, Cheryl A, Nursing (BS) 

Wilson, Christopher Samuel, Music Performance (BM) 

Wilson, Eddie J, English (BA) 

Studio Art (Minor) 
Wirkkala, Nels, Mechanical Engineering (BSE) 
Wise, Richard, Business Administration (BBA) 
Woessner, Kathryn Elizabeth, Psychology (BA) 

Criminal Justice (BS) 
Woo, Chuntung, Electrical Engineering (BSE) 
Woo, Michael T, Psychology (Minor) 

Philosophy (BA) 
Woodman, Heather Lynne, Psychology (BA) 
Woods, Bryan K, Meterology (BS) 
Worden, Tyler R, Business Administration (BBA) 
Wright, Jessica L, Chemical Engineering (BSE) 
Wu, Li-Yen, Business Administration (BBA) 
Yeh, Ann-Yun, Business Administration (BBA) 
Yin, Lee L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Young, Jennifer A, Business Administration (BBA) 
Young, Lauren Elizabeth, Political Science (BA) 
Young, Scott, Business Administration (BBA) 
Yuen, Alex C, Clinical Lab Sciences (BS) 
Zalaket, George D, Business Administration (BBA) 
Zanoni, Suzanne N, Criminal Justice (BS) 

Psychology (Minor) 
Zayas, Elvin, Fine Arts (BFA) 
Zelonis, Kerry L, Business Administration (BBA) 
Zemse, Prashant P, Business Administration (BBA) 
Zenga, Noel A, Computer Engineering (BSE) 
Zgonis, Stephanie A, Psychology (BA) 
Zheng, Lee P, Computer Science (BS) 
Zwirble, Kevin J, Fine Arts (BFA) 
van der Beek, Brenda C, Fine Arts (BFA) 


to all 
of our 



Ashwin Abraham 

Danwah Amoah 

Ifeanyi Anadu 

Edward Andrade 

Julissa Antigua 

Hamlet Arega 

Mahalet Arega 

Elaine Arruda 

Augustine Awuah 

± ^< iil'L I. .- :'&Ji 

Myhozotys Balbuena Dawn Baldonado 

Danielle Banks 


Joana Bernard 

Eni Bica 

Jessica Bielawski 

Leidy Boardman 

Jidianna Bou 

Pineda Brancato 

Shannon Brandano 

Hanna Branje 


Tiffany Bui 

Kristin Burdge 

Robert Burndrett 

Jonathan Burt 

John Cain 

Laura Carney 

Odilis Catalina 

Andrea Chadis 

Chung Chan 

Kathleen Charbonneau 

Jason Chan 

Ashley Chandler 

Atif Chishti 

Kaitlin Chandonnet 

Marielle Christoji 

Charlene Cobb 




m - W- jH 

William Conant 

Roosevelt Danier 

Jerome Davis 

Castidia De La Cruz 

Mohammed Degu 

April Desmarais 

Gregory Destasi 

Xuan Diep 

Christopher Dinitto 

Angela Ditillio 

Ryan Donaher 

Somkit Douangchith 

Andrew Drenas 


Jacklyn Driscoll 

Stephanie Dubay 

Sheila Ducharme 

Lauren Dufresne 

Lisa Dupont 

Janin Duran 

David Eiranova 

Nelson Eng 

Luis Escobar 

Thomas Espey 

Matthew Farmer 

Sarah Fischer 

Stacey Fleury 

Julia Flynn 

Krystina Foelker 

Antonio Fontes 


Katharine Gagliardi 

Rohit Goyal 

Kimberly S. Gallant 

Diana Gangemi 

Christopher Graham 

Tiffany Graham 

Kimberly Gillespie 

Wilhelmina Granoff 

Brandon Hagan 

Adam Haggett 

Senat Haileselassie 

Laura Hanley 


Abel Hernandez 

Thu Hoang 

Jose Huertas 

Kitiana Huon 

Christine Hutchins 

Thy Huynh 

Trinh Huynh 

Elizabeth Hyde 

Temitope Isijola 

Erica Jackson 

Clara Jimenez 

Monica Jimenez 

Marcelyne Josency 

Danielle Joyce 

Krishna Kanagarayer 

Sivluon Kang 


Megan Keleher 

Chankorvi Khim 

Chalz Kirubi 

Thoeun Kong 

Emmanuel Lamour 

Kristopher Langan 

Colleen Leblanc 

Yves Lebrun 

Jessica Li Petri 

Khoi Louis 

Phuc Luong 

Sarah MacOne 

Narine Malkhasyan 

Emily Madsen 

Garima Masand 

Mary Lynch 

Aristoboul Magloire 

Mathew Mathai 

Rose Lys 

Michael Maille 

Adam Mazzone 

Victoria McCann 

Kelly McDermott 

John McGrath 

Philippa McLachlan 


David McLeod 

Robert McMahon 

Karl Metzemaekers 

Robert Moreau 

Bernard Murphy Iv 

Ruvani Nagage 

Nikhil Narasimhadevara 

Lindiwe Ncube 

Minh Suong Nguyen 

I I 

Catherine Nichols 

Slandy Noel 


Heather Norcross 

Heather Nucefora 

Kevin O'Connell 

Ryan O'Connell 

Roger O 'Connor, Jr. 

Nicole O 'Leary 

Sean O'Melia 

Ryan O 'Sullivan 

Andrew Pangalos 

Danielle Paras 

Komal Parikh 

Seunghoon Park 

Ami Patel 

Jinal Patel 

Nital Patel 

Trusha Patel 

Judy Pena 

David E. Phair II 

Josette Pierrelouis 

Amelia Pineault 

Nadeige Pochette 

Lawrence Poitier 

Irene Policy 

Lindsey Price 

Sarah Prifti 

Rom Proeung 

Sarah Ralls 

Francisco Richiez 

Susan Pulido 

Paul Quebec 

Jeanette Quiles-Vigorito 


Matthew Raymo 

Jorel Renelien 

Jennifer Rheaume 

Tomas Rivera 

Amanda Roderick 

Victor Rodriguez 

Yirainis Rodriguez 

Dana Rogozenski 

Kelly Rousseau 

Christopher Ryan 


Asmara Senesie 

Christopher Shamp 

Vanessa Smalley 

Bindiya Shah 

Saloni Shah 

Paul Shurtlejf 

Kara Silva 

Rodney Soares 

Saroem Soem 

Nejat Shaker 

Ladda Singvilay 

Chansoria Sok 

Tiffany St Hilaire 

Katrina Thompson 

Dawn Starbird 

Mary Suttie 

Abram Taber 

Caroll Tran 

Samuel Tran 

Tram Tran 


Tuyen Truong 

Siu Tsoi 

Jibao Tucker 

Maria Twyon 


Elizabete Valadao 

Hardik Valia 

Amy Vasquez 

Elaine Vejar 

(".oil pen White 

Kathryn Woessner 

Chun-Tung Woo 

Tyler Worden 

Jessica Wright 

Li-Yen Wu 

Phommavong Xayasane 

George Zalaket 

Kerry Zelonis 







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